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Here’s a photo from today (the second one has just been zoomed in). To the left you see Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola (JTH) – or School of Engineering as you say in English – and there’s where you find our studio and workshop. To the right you see the big billboard on which the JU Solar Team is, that Jönköping Energi has sponsored us with.


However, with these pictures we’d like to wish you a great weekend. In Stockholm, when we were there for the University Steel Prize 2017, we learnt that you don’t say “have a great weekend”. You can’t just have something – you have to make something! So, make yourself a great weekend!




You’ve seen us very close to this billboard before – on the billboard next to this one! However, this billboard is, just like the other one that Jönköping University owns, placed on the wall next to the Munksjö Bridge. Jönköping Energi is the company that is in charge of this billboard, and they’ve sponsored us with this very nice marketing spot. Thank you, JE!




So yesterday the big box was picked up, and by that it began its journey to Australia. Here are some photos on the box and the picking up.


At the same time as we work with this, we keep on building the car in different ways, plan the unveiling event AND work at our summer jobs. Nice, huh?!




Happy Swedish Midsummer!




We’d like to present one of our awesome sponsors: Husqvarna! They are quite well known already, but let us tell you a bit about them.


With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden products. They let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and power cutters to robotic lawnmowers.




During the weekend we had some things to celebrate. On Friday some of our JU Solar Team members graduated from uni – congratualtions, dear students! On Sunday Solveig had her name day; Sweden have name days every day and it was Solveig’s time to shine yesterday!




So, on Thursday the 27th of April, we held the Spring Lunch event for our sponsors. Here’s another bunch of photos from that day! Thank you all, once again, for making this day fantastic!




We’ve known about this for a while but kept it secret… THE WINNER OF THE UNIVERSITY STEEL PRIZE IS THE JU SOLAR TEAM! We’re extremely happy about this tremendous prize that universities all over the world have fought for. But why did we get it? Because we came up with an innovative way to use high-strength steel! With steel instead of carbon fiber, the weight of Solveig’s chassis and body has reduced by 35 percent. Thank you so much SSAB for the prize! On Thursday we’ll be in Stockholm for the award gala – we’re excited! Here’s a press release in Swedish:



JU Solar Team vinner University Steel Prize!


Mellan onsdag och fredag, den 10:e och 12:e maj, befinner sig delar av Jönköping University Solar Team i Stockholm för att ta emot det ärofyllda priset University Steel Prize. Ingenjörsstudenter världen över har tävlat om utmärkelsen – vinnaren är JU Solar Team!


Två dygn i Stockholm kommer att bjuda studenterna i JU Solar Team på mingel, föreläsningar, gala och – så klart – utdelning av priset University Steel Prize. Företaget bakom priset är SSAB. Ingenjörsstudenter världen över har tävlat om universitetspriset och det har delats ut sedan år 2012 där tidigare vinnare är Högskolan Dalarna (2012), Universidade Estadual de Campinas i Brazilien (2013), University of Zaragoza, Spain (2014) och KTH (2015).


Stålpriset tilldelas den som med hjälp av högkvalitativt stål har skapat en kreativ, innovativ produkt, metod eller design, som har inspirerat juryn till vidare utveckling. JU Solar Team vinner 2017 års utmärkelse för den stålkonstruktion som solbilen Solveigs chassi är byggt av. Med stål i stället för kolfiber är vikten på chassi och kaross minskat med 35 procent. Glädjen över att vara vinnaren är kolossal!


Utöver äran får JU Solar Team tack vare priset 20 000 kronor i kontanter. De två dygnen i Stockholm ingår därtill, vilka inkluderar inspirerande föreläsningar, en gala tillsammans med 600 andra deltagare på torsdagen samt en fantastisk möjlighet till nätverkande med internationella experter och företag. Studenterna i JU Solar Team tycker att det är fantastiskt kul att de har kammat hem 2017 års pris och får ta del av allt detta – de är enormt tacksamma.


För den mindre vetande är JU Solar Team ett studentdrivet projekt vid Jönköping University som ska delta och köra 3022 km i världens största solbilstävling i Australien, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, i oktober i år. Deras mål är att designa och bygga en solbil, korsa en kontinent och tävla med världen – Stanford, MIT och Cambridge är några av skolorna de kommer att möta. JU Solar Team vill med sin innovation bevisa att framtiden redan är här.


För mer information om priset, besök




Today one of the boxes that Nefab has done for us was delivered to us. We were a bunch of people who needed to lift it as it was really heavy! After lifting all the parts from the truck, we put it together. So nice! And thank you so much for being our sponsor, Nefab!




Did you know that Magnus Andersson is the man behind our team? Let us tell you why!


In 1987, the very first Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) race took place in Australia. Big companies like General Motors, Honda and Ford joined the race, and Magnus read about it in a very small article. “To drive a car through the entire Australian continent with only solar energy sounded like magic…” In 1990, it was time for the second edition of the BWSC, and this time a school won it all. After that, more and more schools from all around the world started joining the world’s biggest solar-powered car race – even though companies and other associations still could (and can) join the competition.


“By chance, I started working at JTH and one of the first ideas that I was thinking about was to start a solar car team.” Anyway, Magnus started teaching Industrial Design at Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) in 2006. Four years later (and 23 years after the first BWSC took place!), in 2010, Magnus and the colleague Dag Raudberget talked about starting a solar team. One day he stepped into his department head Patrik Cannmo and presented the idea. The purpose of telling Patrik about it, was of course to get Jönköping University into the race too. Did he say yes? Well, as Patrik had recently been on a seminar where the message was that “one should dare trying new things”, he said yes. “I don’t think that Patrik would have said yes if it wasn’t for that seminar. Patric and the school should have credit that they dared to support the idea when we started with only a blank paper.”

Magnus on the very right side.



So, in 2010 the very first JU Solar team project commenced. Magnus and Dag had two important roles in the project. In 2012 the course started together with students – and another important person was the former student Oskar Prytz. Not only did they start up an entirely new project – they had to find out so much more as they did not know much about solar cars! The first year was filled with a lot of hard work and much of it had to be done in their spare time including incredibly many unpaid hours. Lots of things were new to the school – how should this project be handled? Sometimes Magnus thought that “this will never go” as the students were frustrated, the economy was bad and everything was very delayed. Magnus thought that it all was going to turn out into a fiasco. But they kept on working – the project was already ongoing with all the students, they had promised school to compete in Australia and they had lots of sponsors. There was no turning back.


The JU Solar Team – and by that Sweden – joined the BWSC in 2013 for the first time. The car’s name was Magic, which it got from one of the sponsors. In the beginning, the race went well, but after a couple of days it got worse. Because of dust devil whirlwinds, Magic blew off the road and the JU Solar Team never got to the finish line. No one got hurt but it was devastating that it happened. “What will JU and JTH think?!” Magnus thought, but after some conversations with them everything was okay. “Let’s do it again next year!” they said.


In 2015, the JU Solar Team joined the race once again, still as the only team in Sweden. You have to try, be unafraid and make mistakes to learn something, everyone thought. This second time more people – teachers, project leaders and students – were involved in the project. The name of the solar car was Solbritt and in the BWSC the team ended up in 15th place out of approximately 30 competitors.


In October this year, it’s time for the JU Solar Team to compete against some of the biggest schools once again. Something that is new for this year, is that students from all JU schools (JTH, JIBS and HLK) are in the team – we’ve never had more resources! This year we also aim higher. “If you aim for the sky, you reach the tree tops!” says Magnus, who is still in the team and also one of our project leaders.


So, what is so special about this project? Why do people like it, Magnus? “Well, it’s all about something very concret: the fight against the time, to compete with and speculate about other teams, to get information, the international feeling, to design and build something that rolls on four wheels, to drive on public roads on the other side of the globe… The adventure.”


Thank you, Magnus, for starting up this amazing project and keeping on fighting! All of us find so much joy in so many ways within the team.



This week Anders Angrén is in charge of our Instagram account. If you haven’t found us there, search for @jusolarteam and you’ll find us!





A normal day for the JU Solar Team? Well, we get up in the morning, have a lot of coffee and then we walk to our studio. In the studio, lots of things happen. We have meetings, discuss ideas, plan events, send mails, make sponsor calls, talk to media, design CAD files and make the wheels go spinning (literally!). We also eat lunch, have Bubs for snacks, drink more coffee and cook Comviq noodles for dinner. Every now and then, we take a nap in our sofas or air mattresses. In our studio, you find roll-ups, tables, cameras, computers, reports and – of course – talented students. But we also have our garage. In the garage, we weld, build, bend, try our CAD designs, put parts together and create our very own solar car. Sometimes we go outside our studio, our garage and our university – to test drive the solar car, hold public presentations and join events. We work, eat, rest – repeat. At the same time we dream about Australia and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the race that we’re doing all this work for. Australia will definitely be an adventure, but the adventure is really already ongoing and we just love what we do. A normal for the JU Solar Team? Well, now you know.


And by the way, we were in Bohusläningen yesterday. Check it out!




Here are two photos from the garage. We’re there every day to work and make this car the best – and at some stage it’ll look like the last picture with the car with the moose!




Last weekend John, Hanna and Anders went to Stockholm to meet Peter Carlsson. He’s the former CPO of Tesla and is now planning his own gigafactory in Sweden. Peter’s a really busy man so we’re extremely happy that he took his time for this. We had a great time!




This Monday and Tuesday, we had a Q&A on our Facebook page. Some people asked us questions in our comments and in private messages. As promised, we’ll now answer these questions.



What are the restrictions of the car? How big is it allowed to be and how much may it weigh – what are the regulations?

The car will have four square meters of solar cells, four wheels and a length of about four meters. It’ll be approximately 1,8 meters wide and 1 meter high. Maximums are a length of 5 meter, a width of 2,2 meters and a hight of 1,6 meters. There are no regulations regarding the weight – but we won’t reveal ours!


Where do you work?

We have both a garage and a studio to work in. In the garage all the hands-on job is being done and in the studio we make calls, design things in CAD and do all the tasks regarding paper work, finance, logistics, graphic design, social media, sponsor relations, events and public relations. In the studio we also eat lunch, have coffee and munch candy from our sponsors. Every week we have meetings and hold presentations outside our facilities, as well. It’s like a company!



For how long have you been working on this project?

This year is the third time that we’ll compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Our first competition was in 2013 and then we started up our business in 2012. However, there are different teams and team members each time that we join the race, and this third time we started up the project in August, 2016.


What animal are you most afraid of in Australia?

We’re most afraid of snakes – but we think that the others should be scared of the moose!



Are all team members students?

Yes, all team members are students. All of us come from different JU schools: JTH (The School of Engineering), JIBS (Jönköping International Business School) and HLK (School of Education and Communication). Earlier years, the JU Solar Team has consisted of only engineers, so it’s anew concept this year!


What is most challenging?

Multitasking: handling everything at the same time – we’re like a company but still not and we have to solve everything ourselves. The communication: there are so many involved in this project – students, schools, companies, sponsors, media – and all of them need information and dialogue. Also, the time: some of us are already full time students where this project comes on top of the ordinary studies. However, we like challenges!



How much coffee do you drink?

We got sponsored with coffee from Zoega – but we ran out of it. Does that answer your question?


What sponsors do you have so far?

SSAB, Husqvarna, Nevs, Bubs Godis AB and Jönköping University – among others.  Take a look at!




How many square meters of sun cells are we allowed to use? What is required to be in the JU Solar Team? Well, what do you want to know? Today and tomorrow – Monday and Tuesday – you have the chance to ask us questions! Then we’ll answer the questions and put them together in a blog post. If you have questions for us, go to our Facebook page and write your questions in the comments below the Q&A picture (looking like the one below)!




We can’t be alert all the time, even though we wished we could. So, are we slackers, then? Nah, we have a lot to do on the JU Solar Team and we do work hard – but we need new energy as well to be eager beavers! We’re lucky to have our own studio when it comes to both parts…!






This morning – at 6:30 am – our graphic designers went to Stadsparken to do some filming. We’re in the middle of an exciting journey and this shooting is a part of that journey – we can’t tell too much, though! We crave the light – we need the light – we chase the sun.




This is a picture from last Friday, when some of us had to stay until late night – 23 pm! – to make schematics for all the electronics in the solar car. As we knew that we were going to work a long time on a Friday night, we decided to order pizza.





Now all of us are back in uni and there is no time for resting. Some of us have unfortunately left the team – we thank you for your time with the JU Solar Team! – whereas we have some new team members on board – welcome! On our schedule we find meetings, seminars and hard work. The whole team is also going on an exciting trip this Friday. We’re ready to kick ass!