This is a picture from last Friday, when some of us had to stay until late night – 23 pm! – to make schematics for all the electronics in the solar car. As we knew that we were going to work a long time on a Friday night, we decided to order pizza.





You haven’t missed that we’re in Jönköpings-Posten today, right?! The article is called “Solveig är på gång and here’s an extract:


victoria på jp

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Today we received A LOT of candy skulls from our dear sponsor Bubs Godis AB. The company is located just outside Jönköping and make delicious candy. We’ll use the candy bags for events and suchlike – but some of them might walk into our stomaches too… THANK YOU BUBS, once again!


Bubs_skallelogga_mellan16442803_10209851520422142_744300924_o FullSizeRender



Today it’s 248 days until the race starts in Australia. Between the 8th and 15th of October, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will take place. Until then we will have designed and built a solar car, which we will drive with from Darwin to Adelaide. We will cross a continent, a distance of 3000 kilometres, and compete with the world. Australia, we can’t wait for you!


Here are some pictures from the competition in 2015. Enjoy!


engineering management map racebegincamping IMG_6194roadrace WSC2015WSC2015-7712189479_700116636754899_7668694814266176265_o



This week Matilda Törnquist is in charge of our Instagram account. Follow us there at @jusolarteam!


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Last Friday, 27th of Januray, the JU Solar Team was invited to Trollhättan and National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) for a visit. We had the opportunity to show off our work and learn from their expertise and we had a great time there. We look forward to working more with NEVS in the future!


unnamedJU Solar team NEVS 1 16442837_10155029944548713_372617850_o



Stort tack till Flintab AB för vågen och installationen av den som gjordes igår. Vi är så glada att få ha er som sponsor! Flintab AB beskriver sig själva så här: Flintab är ett av Sveriges ledande företag inom industriell vägning. Vi utvecklar och marknadsför vågar och vägningssystem för industrin. Vårt sortiment är mycket omfattande – från små paketvågar till stora fordonsvågar.” Tack, än en gång!


16251155_10209793147722861_518589646_o 16325754_10209793147682860_1671109666_o16325588_10209793147882865_1298094966_o 16357350_10209793147802863_1910854588_o 16251510_10209793147922866_1777456362_o 16326690_10209793147762862_1410060545_o16326690_10209793147762862_1410060545_o



Now all of us are back in uni and there is no time for resting. Some of us have unfortunately left the team – we thank you for your time with the JU Solar Team! – whereas we have some new team members on board – welcome! On our schedule we find meetings, seminars and hard work. The whole team is also going on an exciting trip this Friday. We’re ready to kick ass!





This week we will let you follow Julia Gunnarsson on our Instagram account. If you want to know more about her and what she is doing on the team, follow us (@jusolarteam)!


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This week Björn Haugum is in charge of our Instagram account. You find us there on @jusolarteam!


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2017 IS HERE

The Christmas and New Year’s break is slowly coming to an end. Some of us still have some weeks left before we start school whereas some of us start next week. It’s been great to have some time off, really relax and upload for coming events.


Behind us we have 2016. One third has passed. Between August and December we – 22 students and entrepreneurs – have worked with designing a solar car, shaping a prototype, finding sponsors, making contacts, showing ourselves at Elmia Subcontractor, creating a new webpage and making ourselves heard. Inter alia. All of us have done our best and we’d like to thank our sponsors, project leaders and other helpful people for making our way to Australia easier. However, the adventure has only started and we’ve got two thirds left.


In October – yes, this year! – we are going to attend the event that all of us have been waiting for: the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a world championship for solar cars in Australia. We aim for top-ten and to get there we have a lot of work to do. We’re going to build our solar car Solveig, keep on finding people and companies that want to help us, make the logistics go together and arrange an event when the car is finally done. These are just some of the tasks that we have ahead of us.


Well, you know the saying: 2017 – new year, new opportunities. Even though we have lots to do the year is finally here and now it’s just to give all we’ve got – we can do this! Because… we’re not just students, we’re JUST students.


Happy new year!


JUST = Jönköping University Solar Team


Lukas on Instagram

Here are all the photos that Lukas posted last week when he was in charge of our Instagram account.


luka1 luka2 luka3 luka4 luka5 luka6

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Testdriving at Axamo

I dag var vi på Axamo flygplats för att köra testchassit till vår solbil Solveig. Här har ni några bilder!


Today we went to Axamo airport to drive our test chassi for our solar car Solveig. Here are some photos!

_igp6945 _igp6952 _igp6956 _igp6959 _igp6960 _igp6964 _igp6966 _igp6974 _igp7028 _igp7041 _igp7042 _igp7053 _igp7065 15443166_10154849608303711_1253108240557269815_o


Christmas cozyness

We’re getting that Christmas spirit in our room! Tomteskum (the pink and white marshmallows), julmust, gingerbread cookies, coffee and chitchat… Cozy! Christmas is soon here and also we have to relax and get some holiday next week.


15491480_10209388121757465_1524602495_o 15491504_10209388121517459_1692687981_o 15502733_10209388121597461_1639354049_o

Getting together


Last week Victoria was in charge of our Instagram account and this is what she showed us. This week Lukas will let you follow him – do it!


skarmklipp1skarmklipp2 skarmklipp3 skarmklipp4 skarmklipp5 skarmklipp6

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Victoria on Instagram

You haven’t missed that Victoria now is responsible for our Instagram account, right?! Follow her for one week at @jusolarteam.



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norelem on visit

A photo from when norelem visited us yesterday. You can read more about norelem in the blogpost before this.





We’re so happy to have norelem as our new equipment supplier for building our race team! A partner like this gives us the opportunity to compete on a new level. norelem describe themselves like this:


“norelem views itself as part of a dynamic culture of innovation. We are continually expanding our product portfolio of standardised elements. That is why we have invested in modern logistical structures that enable us to react flexibly and promptly to customers’ needs. And we expect the highest quality for our products.”


This feels great to us! We’re also very excited about the invitation to the norelem camp 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany.



We’re in Jmini

I dag publicerades ett reportage om oss i tidningen Jmini. Läs det vettja!


Today a reportage about us was published in the newspaper Jmini. Read it!


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Road trip to NEVS

I tisdags gjorde några utav oss en roadtrip till NEVS i Trollhättan. Mötet med dem var spännande och nu ser vi fram emot 16 december då vi får träffa dem igen. Så här såg dagen ut från morgon i Jönköping till det var dags att åka hem från Trollhättan.


This Tuesday some of us did a road trip to NEVS in Trollhättan. The meeting with them was very exciting and now we’re looking forward to December 16th for another meeting. This is what the day looked like from early morning in Jönköping until it was time to leave Trollhättan.

15292689_10154799192118713_202227305_o 15292757_10154799193288713_1379292378_o 15292840_10154799195343713_587715162_o 15311545_10154799197453713_773488598_o 15321484_10154799197363713_1766301387_o