It’s time to present one of our fantastic sponsors: SSAB. Their steel made us winning the University Steel Prize 2017 and here comes information about the company.


As pioneers in advanced high strength steel, SSAB has a proven track record of helping customers develop the cars of tomorrow through innovative steel solutions. For more than 30 years, they have been a trusted partner in projects to develop automotive components for making cars lighter and stronger, and Docol is their branded steel of choice for the automotive industry. Docol is part of a total offering targeted to car manufacturing – SSAB manufactures steel for the automotive industry and beyond. Their steels serve industries in mining, construction, transportation, security, agriculture and many more. While the origins are Nordic, SSAB is a global steel manufacturer with a strong local presence in all regions across the world. 


We think that this company is absolutely amazing. Thank you, SSAB, for being our sponsor!




This week it’s time for Salle to show you what he’s doing in the JU Solar Team on our Instagram account. Our name there is @jusolarteam!


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The fourth part of the story of Solveig is here. This part is about the solar cells!




The JU Solar Team will be acquiring our solar cell array from the manufacturer SunPower and assembler Gochermann. Typical residential and commercial solar cells have about 14% efficiency, but our silicon-based photovoltaic cells have an ultrahigh 24.3% efficiency. These are the most efficient silicon cells available in the world today.




Today, you find us at Jönköpings Marknad together with Jönköping Energi. This company helps us with marketing in different ways – for example we’ll be on the big billboard over Munksjön from June-July and also in the magazine Blixten Magazine that will be published in June. Here comes a presentation about the company.


Good power for a good society is Jönköping Energi’s vision. They want to contribute to and drive the development of the region’s future infrastructure. With them, it is easy to be a costumer. They are close, and together with their customers they contribute to a sustainable society. Today they provide about 55 000 customers with light, power, heating, cooling, biogas and network. They turnover 1.3 billion every year and have 270 employees.


We like Jönköping Energi a lot – thank you for being our sponsor! And don’t forget to come and say hi at the market today!

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We hope that you enjoy our story about Solveig. Here comes the third part!




The steering is a mechanical construction to get a good driving impression and feeling. The steering is made out of standard components which also is easy to replace if anything would break. The construction of the steering is constructed and optimized to fit this kind of car to obtain the best weight. The components of the constructions contain both steel and aluminium.




It’s time for a new person to be in charge of our Instagram account. This week Pontus Rådberg will show you what he does on the JU Solar Team!


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This week started with two things. First we went to School of Health and Welfare (Hälsohögskolan at Jönköping University) for a CPR class. It is very important that all of us can handle accidents if they occur whilst we’re in Australia, and that’s why we had the CPR. Now we can save lifes!


The second thing that happened this week is that we were interviewed by P4 Jönköping. If you missed the broadcast, visit this link and fast forward to 2:41:00. Enjoy!


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Here’s the second part of our story about Solveig!




The suspension is constructed with high grade aluminum 7075, and is processed through water cutting and milling. The reason for choosing aluminum is due to the simpleness of working with the material but also due to the light weight. The suspension is irradiated by a swing arm construction similar to a motorcycle. The front suspension is constructed by two swing arms and one ball joint to be able to make sharp turns. The shocks are the best on the market from our supplier Öhlins and the suspensions have a lead of 10 degrees and an offset for a good handeling on the road.


The tires are custom made solar car racing tires with a low profile tire that can handle high air pressure, all to minimize the friction against the road. The rims are of lightweight construction, made of carbon fiber.




One of our fantastic sponsors is Elforest Technologies. Here follows some information about the company!


Elforest Technologies develops drive systems for the machines and vehicles of the future. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the development of electric drive systems, and they are specialists in areas of software, electronics, mechanics and electric-hybrid technology. They help you and your business to develop new, high-tech and sustainable products.


We think that this company is something special. Thank you for being our sponsor!




Solveig is the solar car of 2017. We will in 10 blog posts present her and her parts – we start with the chassis, but first a short presentation about Solveig herself.




Our new car Solveig is a slimmer, lighter and faster version of her predecessor, Solbritt. Thanks to tremendous support from our sponsors we have had the resources to build a car that can aim for a top position in this year’s challenge. For this car we have chosen to build our chassis using optimized Docol steel, and according to our calculations it will be much lighter than our 2015 all carbon fiber car Solbritt. Because of rule changes, we will have a smaller solar array scaling down from 6m2 to 4m2, making our new high efficiency solar cells even more important. Our next generation battery cells have a 30% higher energy density than Solbritt’s generation. This together with our new sliding coil motor, world class suspension and a professional data management  system, we have every reason to believe that this year’s car will be something out of the ordinary.


For this year’s car, we are aiming at combining the speed of Magic with the stability of Solbritt to compete with the top teams in the race. The expansion of the team with a new management team has not only enabled our engineers to solely focus on building the best car possible, but also given them the resources needed to do so. In October 2017, it is time to once again participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with our new car Solveig!





The chassis is constructed with high strength Docol steel from SSAB and is assembled with TIG-welding. The chassis is quite unique compared to Solbritt, the previous car, where the entire supporting construction was made with carbon fiber. This year the chassis is a separate construction from the carbon fiber body. Steel was chosen because of the flexibility and the ability to make multiple designs, with carbon fiber you only get one shot.




Here’s an article from Nya Lidköpings-Posten. Enjoy!


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We have so many sponsors that are helping us in different ways and that we want to thank. One of them is Erteco, a Nordic supplier of technical plastics and rubber. Let’s talk about the company and what they do!


Erteco deals with metal replacement, which is really an undiscovered opportunity. To mention some of the opportunities, substituting metal for plastics increases production efficiency, reduces the weight significantly, improves technical properties and optimizes integration of functions.Plastics can also be used in heat management and shielding applications – and all at a lower total system cost! The design flexibility will be greater by using technical plastics too. As Erteco describes this themselves, “plastics enables manufacturers to create high-quality and complex parts with lower production costs while maintaining the important technical properties” – quite smart if you ask us!


Erteco also helps their customers with finding the right material solution. They have engineers with technical skills and expert knowledge, who can help the customers with market trends, material choice and application development. The range of applications in various industrial sectors is wide – this includes medical, automotive and lightning amongst others.


We are proud to have Erteco as our sponsor – thanks a lot!

Photos: Erteco



It’s time for Annie Ekblom to show you what she does on the JU Solar Team. We’ll let you follow her for one week on our Instagram account!


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Between Wednesday and Friday this week we were in Stockholm due to the University Steel Prize. When we arrived on Wednesday, we had some rehearsals to do before we went to Paul’s Haymarket for a very nice dinner (thank you Linda and Anna!).


Thursday was the big day. At 10:20 we entered the stage for the prize giving ceremony of the tremendous University Steel Prize, and there was so much excitement and happiness in the air! Here’s a Winner Interview movie. The day continued with fika, lunch, mingle, photographing and  inspiring seminars presented by Jörgen Oom and Mike Walsh among others – such an amazing day! Later on, after some resting and dressing up, it was time for the award gala. We got to enjoy bubbles, a lovely three course dinner, music, dancing and entertainment, and the winner of the Swedish Steel Prize was announced too. Congratulations Kiruna Wagon from Sweden with the innovative solution Helix Dumper!


We didn’t stay too long on Friday. We got up to have some breakfast at the hotel and then we checked out and went home to Jönköping with the prizes: a Dala horse, a check of 20 000 SEK, a diploma and flowers. We really had an amazing time in Stockholm and we’re so grateful about the University Steel Prize that took us there!


Photo by Steelprize.com.



You probably know by now that we let you follow one of our team members on Instagram each week. This week it’s time for Erik to show you what he’s doing on the JU Solar Team!


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So, on Thursday the 27th of April, we held the Spring Lunch event for our sponsors. Here’s another bunch of photos from that day! Thank you all, once again, for making this day fantastic!




We’ve known about this for a while but kept it secret… THE WINNER OF THE UNIVERSITY STEEL PRIZE IS THE JU SOLAR TEAM! We’re extremely happy about this tremendous prize that universities all over the world have fought for. But why did we get it? Because we came up with an innovative way to use high-strength steel! With steel instead of carbon fiber, the weight of Solveig’s chassis and body has reduced by 35 percent. Thank you so much SSAB for the prize! On Thursday we’ll be in Stockholm for the award gala – we’re excited! Here’s a press release in Swedish:



JU Solar Team vinner University Steel Prize!


Mellan onsdag och fredag, den 10:e och 12:e maj, befinner sig delar av Jönköping University Solar Team i Stockholm för att ta emot det ärofyllda priset University Steel Prize. Ingenjörsstudenter världen över har tävlat om utmärkelsen – vinnaren är JU Solar Team!


Två dygn i Stockholm kommer att bjuda studenterna i JU Solar Team på mingel, föreläsningar, gala och – så klart – utdelning av priset University Steel Prize. Företaget bakom priset är SSAB. Ingenjörsstudenter världen över har tävlat om universitetspriset och det har delats ut sedan år 2012 där tidigare vinnare är Högskolan Dalarna (2012), Universidade Estadual de Campinas i Brazilien (2013), University of Zaragoza, Spain (2014) och KTH (2015).


Stålpriset tilldelas den som med hjälp av högkvalitativt stål har skapat en kreativ, innovativ produkt, metod eller design, som har inspirerat juryn till vidare utveckling. JU Solar Team vinner 2017 års utmärkelse för den stålkonstruktion som solbilen Solveigs chassi är byggt av. Med stål i stället för kolfiber är vikten på chassi och kaross minskat med 35 procent. Glädjen över att vara vinnaren är kolossal!


Utöver äran får JU Solar Team tack vare priset 20 000 kronor i kontanter. De två dygnen i Stockholm ingår därtill, vilka inkluderar inspirerande föreläsningar, en gala tillsammans med 600 andra deltagare på torsdagen samt en fantastisk möjlighet till nätverkande med internationella experter och företag. Studenterna i JU Solar Team tycker att det är fantastiskt kul att de har kammat hem 2017 års pris och får ta del av allt detta – de är enormt tacksamma.


För den mindre vetande är JU Solar Team ett studentdrivet projekt vid Jönköping University som ska delta och köra 3022 km i världens största solbilstävling i Australien, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, i oktober i år. Deras mål är att designa och bygga en solbil, korsa en kontinent och tävla med världen – Stanford, MIT och Cambridge är några av skolorna de kommer att möta. JU Solar Team vill med sin innovation bevisa att framtiden redan är här.


För mer information om priset, besök steelprize.com/university.




We have today launched a new video of the JU Solar Team members. You can have a look at it on our Facebook page or on our Youtube channel – enjoy!


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New week equals new person in charge of our Instagram account. For one week we’ll let you follow Johan Svensson!


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Last Thursday we had our event Spring Lunch together with and dedicated to our sponsors. It was so much fun! First we mingled and had lunch wraps and drinks together. Afterwards, we gave them three different presentations and let them see our facilities, and there was also time for coffee and test driving. Here’s a bunch of photos from this fantastic day. And thank you all for doing this day amazing!