We like our partners – they are like friends and family to us! One of our dear sponsors is Mastec. They have sponsored us with aluminium – and more aluminium is on its way. Here’s a presentation about the company:


Mastec is an industrial group from county Småland in southern Sweden. They are always ready to support their customers in order to strengthen their competition. As a sub-contractor, they have all the team members needed to deal with major industrial projects – from concept and product development to serial production and assembly. When they say “Passion for production”, they really mean it. They love the challenge of demanding jobs, virtually zero-tolerance and non-negotiable deadlines.


Thank you so, so much for being our sponsor, Mastec!





It’s time to present one of our incredible sponsors: TST Sweden AB! They have sponsored us with four cooling vests for Australia – because yes, it will be hot driving in our solar car! Here comes a presentation about the company:


TST Sweden offers protective equipment with technically advanced features, high level of comfort and high quality. Ever since they began their operation, in 1990, they have consulted end users across the world. Today they have a broad range of equipment: water blasts, cooling clothing, heat protection and chemical protection for example. Their task is to help people protect themselves against everything from heat, cold and high water pressure to bacterial and chemical contamination. They are continually researching and developing new materials and products which can help their customers achieve safer and more comfortable work situations, something that is necessary in a world where risky situations are continually increasing.


We think that this company is something special. Thank you, TST Sweden, for being our sponsor!





The Story about Solveig has come to an end. This blog post is about the brakes and it’s the tenth and final part in the Story. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it!




The braking system of this year’s solar car is made out of many customised parts. The brake calliper and master cylinders come from Shimano, and each calliper has two pistons. The brake pedal is entirely customised to combine two master cylinders into one foot pedal. The braking system will be significantly lighter than previous years and the performance will increase significantly.




Within a couple of weeks, on the 28th of June, we’ll ship the box with the battery from Sweden. Then it’ll travel at sea for 60 days to get to Australia! With this blog post we’d like to thank all the involved companies that have helped us with the shipping.


First, we’d like to thank Nefab for helping us packetizing our lithium-ion battery. The Nefab Group is a global industrial packaging manufacturer specializing in complete packaging solutions that reduce its customers’ total costs while minimizing environmental impact. Nefab is a leading provider of packaging solutions for the Telecom, Energy, Vehicle, Healthcare equipment and Aerospace industries. Since its inception in 1949, Nefab has grown from a local product-oriented company into a market-oriented company with a prominent position in the global packaging market. Thank you, Nefab, you’re great!



With this properly classified box, Patrick from DGM Sweden helps us with certification. You see, you can’t ship a battery just like that as the goods might be dangerous, so you need to have someone who can certify the box with the battery. DGM is the right company – thanks a lot for helping us with this!



Another company that has helped us with all this, is Handelskammaren Jönköpings Län. They have issued the ATA Carnet – the international Merchandise Passport – that is needed to ship the battery. Handelskammaren Jönköpings Län is one of eleven independent Chambers of Commerce in our country. The Swedish Chambers are private law Chambers (privately owned), based on voluntary membership. The regional focus of the Swedish Chambers separates them from other business organizations. By law the Swedish Chambers are authorized to issue documents and certificates needed for international trade. Internationally the Chamber of Commerce is a link in a chain of about 12 000 Chambers all over the world, forming a unique network of business contacts. Thanks for your help, Handelskammaren!



The forwarding agent of the battery is Key Logistics, which our Logistics Manager Hanna Steinum has had daily contact with. This company has been happy to be the forwarding agent of the battery and the box. Key Logistics is a medium sized privately owned logistic company. They are active in most markets around the world but have an extra focus on imports from the Far East. With the help of the developed skills of Key Logistics staff, they have refined the company to become a personal logistic agent that takes an overall approach of transportation needs. The range of their expertise gives the customers an invaluable sense of security in knowing that Key Logistics can always offer a competitive product no matter if it is: sea, air, road, courier or cargo. Thank you, Key Logistics, for being our partner!



As you now understand, there is A LOT of work with the shipping of the battery. We’re extremely happy that all of the companies mentioned above have helped us with this – you’re fantastic!


The photo below is a photo of Hanna and Erik. This is when they solder on the battery cell lines to make them suit our 3D-printed box. We’re many students who put many hours on this work – next week the battery must be finished and ready for departure!




Today all people in Jönköping received the magazine Blixten Magasin, made by Jönköping Energi, in their mailboxes. But, for those who don’t live in Jönköping or did not receive the magazine for some reason, you can read it online too. Go to THIS webpage to read it and make sure that you read page 22 and 23 as those pages are about the JU Solar Team!


News media


Tomorrow, on Wednesday the 16th of June at 10:00, we’ll join Gamingburen and their VR battle. It takes place at Hovrättstorget here in Jönköping and is like a warm-up before Dreamhack. This is in collaboration with Cybercom, one of dear sponsors. Here’s a presentation about the company:


Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company with 20 years of experience in IT and communications technology. Their consultants enable businesses and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world, to enhance their competitiveness or to achieve efficiency gains. Cybercom’s expertise spans the entire ecosystem of this communication – Connectivity – and their delivery is both local and global.


Thank you, Cybercom, for being our sponsor! And we hope to see all of you tomorrow at Gamingburen!


Event, Sponsors


If you want to have a carbon fiber body, you have to work and make one! And that’s what we’re doing right now at Marström in Västervik.




Part 9 in our Story about Solveig, comes here. It’s about the electronics – enjoy!




We have been developing our own system to read the data from the motor controller, the battery and solar cells. The system is based on a STM32 processor that is used to log data from a CAN-bus that all the components are connected to.


With help from the data that is logged we can decide the driving strategy in real time. This gives us the possibility to read the power that is left in the battery so we can plan to give the last power when we are crossing the finish line.




It’s extremely kind of Elmia, one of our fantastic sponsors, to let us attend events at Elmia for free. We’ve had a lot of fun at all the events! However, here comes a presentation about the company:


Elmia AB is one of the Nordics’ leading exhibition companies and they arrange different exhibitions, conferences, congresses and events annually. Their solid industry experience in combination with their ability to inspire and drive development, make them an active partner within agriculture, industry and civil engineering as well as e-sports and entertainment. Elmia is a venue where people develop new ideas, products and services together.


Thank you, Elmia, for being our sponsor!




The Story about Solveig is slowly coming to an end, but there are still a few parts left. This is the eighth part and it’s about the motor.




The motor for the JU Solar Team will be coming from Japan this year. We have it custom made from Nomura Co. and Mitsuba. The motor is very special because of its “sliding coil” rotor. Generally, a motor has one set speed where it performs at maximum efficiency. Since this rotor can slide, our motor has a wide range of speeds so that Solveig can travel at maximum efficiency.




Even though it’s summer holiday, we keep on building the solar car. The suspensions have been upgraded with rubber components from Swerub. Their vibration absorber are perfect for our car and will give us a comfortable drive in Australia. This is what Swerub write about their business themselves:


“In heat pumps. On construction sites and oil rigs. In lawnmowers, chainsaws and laundry rooms. Our products are everywhere. We offer a wide range of vibration absorbers and other rubber components to seal and protect. At our two sites in Ekshärad and Sunne, we are fullt equipped to develop all kinds of components to suit your business requirements.If you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for, we can help. In fact, we love challenges and are expert at adapting to diverse needs. At Sunne, our close collaboration with neighboring rubber manufacturers means we have the resources of a really large rubber factory. With our expertise and experience, we deliver quality products all over the world. Welcome to Swerub!”


We think they are awesome – thanks for being our sponsor!


Car, Sponsors


You know about the car magazine Teknikens Värld, right? Well, we’re in in it! You find the entire article (this is not all of it – there is more…) in number 13 year 2017!


News media


The seventh part in our story about Solveig is about the battery. Enjoy!




Compared to last year we are this year designing and building our own battery pack. This route is very challenging but it also gives us the possibility to get the most capacity. Elforest has been a major supporter with developing the best BMS (Battery Management System – including battery components) we have ever had.




We’d like to present one of our awesome sponsors: Husqvarna! They are quite well known already, but let us tell you a bit about them.


With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden products. They let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and power cutters to robotic lawnmowers.




We regularly visit events. The first photo is from Jönköpings Marknad, which we attended together with Jönköping Energi. The second photo is from the event “Garden Party with Handelskammaren”. Both of the events were a lot of fun and we like it a lot when people ask us questions!


If you want us to come to one of your events, just get in touch with us!


Last photo by Handelskammaren.



It’s already time to present the sixth part in the Story about Solveig. If you’ve missed any of the parts, scroll down to read them first, and if not, enjoy this part about the driver’s environment!




The engineering behind the operator environment connects the driver with the car through the mechanical and electronic functions. We are aiming to make the driver and the car as one. This design considers three categories; comfort, design and the restrictions from the race. To create the best and the most comfortable driver’s environment is a very important job since the driving time can be up to 4 hours in a heat of 50 degrees. The design is racer inspired, the chair is made of carbon fibre from Tillett Racing Seats, the seatbelt is a four point seatbelt from Sparco and the steering wheel is customised and designed to fit the car, also made of carbon fibre.




During the weekend we had some things to celebrate. On Friday some of our JU Solar Team members graduated from uni – congratualtions, dear students! On Sunday Solveig had her name day; Sweden have name days every day and it was Solveig’s time to shine yesterday!




We hope that you like our story about Solveig as much as we do. Here comes the fifth part which is about the body – enjoy!




To keep the weight of the car low we are making the body out of carbon fiber. This is done by the honeycomb material and the carbon fiber prepreg that creates a firm weight-optimized body. The body of the car is designed to be optimized for aerodynamics and to protect the car from weather.




It’s time to present one of our fantastic sponsors: SSAB. Their steel made us winning the University Steel Prize 2017 and here comes information about the company.


As pioneers in advanced high strength steel, SSAB has a proven track record of helping customers develop the cars of tomorrow through innovative steel solutions. For more than 30 years, they have been a trusted partner in projects to develop automotive components for making cars lighter and stronger, and Docol is their branded steel of choice for the automotive industry. Docol is part of a total offering targeted to car manufacturing – SSAB manufactures steel for the automotive industry and beyond. Their steels serve industries in mining, construction, transportation, security, agriculture and many more. While the origins are Nordic, SSAB is a global steel manufacturer with a strong local presence in all regions across the world. 


We think that this company is absolutely amazing. Thank you, SSAB, for being our sponsor!




This week it’s time for Salle to show you what he’s doing in the JU Solar Team on our Instagram account. Our name there is @jusolarteam!


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