Tomorrow, between 12:00 and 17:00, we’ll be in Hälsoparken together with Hi Life. Then we’ll have competitions for all new students and hand out candy from Bubs and patches that we’ve designed ourselves. See you there, right?!




We just want to say welcome to all new students! And to all oldies as well, of course. We hope that you’ll have an awesome Kick Off week!






We have an exciting week in front of us! We will…


– join the Kick Off that starts tomorrow and lasts for ten days. The Kick Off is for all new students who will start studying at Jönköping University and we do of course want to meet them. On Wednesday you will find us in Hälsoparken between 12:00 and 17:00 and we will offer competitions, Bubs candy and patches

– prepare a lof for the Car Unveiling that takes place in a week, on Monday the 28th of August. We can’t wait to show Solveig to the world!

– be on the buses in Jönköping and this thanks to Hallpressen. A video will be rolling on the buses and if you click on the picture below you’ll find this video!




It’s only 50 days until the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017! Can you believe that?




We have a lot of lovely sponsors to thank, and now it’s time to say thanks to Klimatrådet! We’d also like to tell you a a bit about them so here comes a presentation:


Klimatrådet wants to achieve an energy conversion and forward the work on climate adaption. They are convinced that the work contribute to strengthening individuals and organizations that today face great challenges concerning climate change. The need of clear visions, targets, strategies, innovative solutions and competence to handle the challenges, is big. With the challenges come new possibilities to create successful operations, which Klimatrådet protects and highlights as role models and good examples. Klimatrådet in Jönköping county was formed in 2011 and aims to be a coordinating and impelling power to actualize the county’s vision Plusenergilän 2050.


Thank yuou very, very much for being our sponsor, Klimatrådet. You’re fantastic!


And hey, don’t forget to sign up for Klimatkonferensen, an event that takes place on the 28th of September. It’s only two days before the last team members leave for Australia, but we’ll be there! You sign up for the event here: .




Do you remember this? It’s from one of our first testdrives. And now it’s only a few days until the Car Unveiling event where you’ll find out how Solveig looks like for real!




Hey, it’s Friday and the beginning of a new weekend! So, isn’t it suitable with some nice reading, then? We think that you should get to know one of our great sponsors a bit better: norelem! Here’s a presentation about the company.


With its headquarters in Markgröningen near Stuttgart, norelem Normelemente KG is one of the most renowned suppliers of flexible standard parts, systems and components for machine and mechanical engineering. Founded in 1958 with around 35,000 standardised standard and machine elements, norelem is a full-range supplier in this sector. Today, norelem regards itself as an innovative partner and solutions provider that offers engineers, technicians and designers the on-site support they need to convert their ideas and designs into compatible and efficient solutions with the help of norelem products.


Thanks for being our sponsor, norelem – you’re awesome!




Our guy Sebastian Ladan has made a new rendering for us. And it’s amazing – thanks, Sebastian! Enjoy this picture, cause now you’ll have to wait until the Car Unveiling event on the 28th of August. Then you’ll find out how Solveig looks for real. We do of course hope to see you there, but until then, print this rendering and put it on your wall because it’s really something extra!




For over one year, students from Jönköping University have been constructing the third generation of the JU’s solar powered race car: Solveig. Now it’s finally time for the Car Unveiling.


What? Our Car Unveiling event. Solveig, the car of 2017, will be displayed for the first time. It’s your only chance to see Solveig before she heads off for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!

When? Monday the 28th of August.

Where? Campus Arena, Jönköping.

Who are allowed to come? Everyone who are interested!

Want to sign up for the event? Go to this Facebook link.


Be there or be square!




How are you? Very good, we hope! At least we are, and we’d like to write about a sponsor company that is very, very good! It’s time to present Danesco:


Danesco AB is a family owned manufacturing company located in Kaxholmen outside Husqvarna. Their turnover is about 12.5 million and they have 10 employees.


Danesco AB specializes in subcontract manufacturing of both short and long runs in turning, milling, metal sheet processing, cutting, welding, assembling, sandblasting and painting. They also have some own products for internal transport and various aids in the handling industry.


Thank you Danesco for being our sponsor – you are definitely something extra!




It’s time to present one of our sponsors a bit further, don’t you think? Yes, of course! This blog post is dedicated to Atollic – thank you so much for being our sponsor!


Atollic was founded in 2003 by a team with extensive experience as managers and software developers from the embedded tools, automotive and aerospace industries. 


The TrueSTUDIO® IDE was born out of the desire to bring a new generation of tools to ARM developers, based on open standards that would be scalable to meet the needs of individual developers and large development teams. Tools that would give developers new insights into their systems and help them find and fix bugs faster. TrueSTUDIO is today one of the dominant tools in the Cortex-M space.


Atollic, we really like you and want to say thank you one more time for being our sponsor! 



We’d like to give Limmared Radio & Data AB a big thanks! They have given us these walkie-talkies that we’ll need and use in Australia. What would we do without our kind sponsors? Thanks once again!


Car, Sponsors


This year the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge celebrates 30 years. That is, it started in 1987! To pay attention to this, they have created a video. It’s great and you can have a look at it on their Youtube channel!




How much do you know about the company Protech? Well, Protech is one of our many great sponsors and with this blog post we’d like to present the company a bit further. So, here it comes:


Protech was founded in 1993 and has developed into a leading Nordic supplier of 3D Printers and CAD/CAM Systems. The products range from desk-friendly 3D printer from MakerBot to the more professional production system from Stratasys. Today more than 2 500 Nordic countries daily use 3D printers from Stratasys and MakerBot. Protech is a company close to the customer and the manufacturing industry in the Nordics with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


We’d like to thank Protech a thousand times – you’re absolutely great!




If you click on the tab ‘Partners’ on our webpage, you find a bunch of sponsors that help us with this project. One of them is Macromould and we think it’s time to give them a closer presentation:


Macromould Modell & Form is a neutral manufacturer of models and moulds used for production of boats, automotive, racing, cast steel, concrete and geological models etc. With 3D drawings as a basis, they create quality cost effective moulds/plugs. With 15 years as a leading manufacturer of large models, up to 25 x 6,5 x 2,5 meter, they have over the years earned experience needed to help their customers with smart technical solutions. Macromould is a smooth organisation with very fast decision making that provides their customers with hands-on service and a lively spirit to cope even hard challenges.


What a company, huh?! Thank you so, so much for being our sponsor, Macromould!




Our dear sponsor Docol (SSAB) recently added a piece of news about us to their webpage. We’re so happy to hear that they follow us and our journey – but we’re more happy to have them as our sponsor! Thanks! In the news article one of our team leaders, John Ingold, write a story about why we use high-strength steel in our solar car Solveig. Go to this webpage to read it or check it out below!


Car, News media, Sponsors


Nefab is one of the sponsors that have helped us a lot. Because of that, we’d like to first thank Nefab – for the boxes and all the help – a lot, and second tell you as a reader a bit more about this awesome company!


The Nefab Group is a global industrial packaging manufacturer, specializing in complete packaging solutions that reduce its customers’ total costs while minimizing environmental impact. Nefab is a leading provider of packaging solutions for the Telecom, Energy, Vehicle, Healthcare equipment and Aerospace industries. Since its inception in 1949, Nefab has grown from a local product-oriented company into a market-oriented company with a prominent position in the global packaging market.


Thank you Nefab, once again – we think that you are top-noch!




We’ve mentioned Flintab before, but it’s a company worth mentioning again! This company is one of our fantastic sponsors and here comes a presentation about them:


Flintab is the leading Swedish company within the field of industrial weighing and they have been in business for more than 30 years. It is a privately held company, offering deliveries and services throughout the Nordic region as well as internationally, through partners. They meet all needs from industry to integrate weighing data as business-critical information into their client‘s business and industry environment. As specialists in systems integration with elevated systems such as ERP, MPS and WMS systems, they optimize business processes in production, quality assurance, clearing, pricing, intra- and inter logistics for their clients.


We are so, so happy to have Flintab as our sponsor. Thank you very much, Flintab!




This photo is from the Spring Lunch event that we held for our sponsors. This is how Solveig looked like then. However, we can’t be more excited about the Car Unveiling event that will be on Monday the 28th of August, as we’ll then show the entire Solveig for the first time. Keep the date!


Car, Event


We’ve mentioned this company before – they and their sposoring keep our energy on top and make people that we meet happy – but never given them a special presentation. We talk about Bubs Godis AB of course. Here comes a sponsor presentation:


Bubs Candy AB is a small Swedish family business with one great passion – it is of course candy. Their candy is manufactured in one of the most modern candy factories in Sweden with advanced and automated equipment. The factory is the only candy factory in the country with driverless trucks. The robots do the heavy work, while their skilled employees monitor the process carefully. The ingredients are selected from suppliers with proven high quality products. For them it is important to rationalise both production and logistic processes taking into account environmental issues. For several years, they have been environmentally certified by the municipality of Jönköping.


Their candy is delicious and they are also environmentally friendly – can it get any better? Probably not. Thank you, Bubs, for being our sponsor!