We’ve mentioned Flintab before, but it’s a company worth mentioning again! This company is one of our fantastic sponsors and here comes a presentation about them:


Flintab is the leading Swedish company within the field of industrial weighing and they have been in business for more than 30 years. It is a privately held company, offering deliveries and services throughout the Nordic region as well as internationally, through partners. They meet all needs from industry to integrate weighing data as business-critical information into their client‘s business and industry environment. As specialists in systems integration with elevated systems such as ERP, MPS and WMS systems, they optimize business processes in production, quality assurance, clearing, pricing, intra- and inter logistics for their clients.


We are so, so happy to have Flintab as our sponsor. Thank you very much, Flintab!




This photo is from the Spring Lunch event that we held for our sponsors. This is how Solveig looked like then. However, we can’t be more excited about the Car Unveiling event that will be on Monday the 28th of August, as we’ll then show the entire Solveig for the first time. Keep the date!


Car, Event


We’ve mentioned this company before – they and their sposoring keep our energy on top and make people that we meet happy – but never given them a special presentation. We talk about Bubs Godis AB of course. Here comes a sponsor presentation:


Bubs Candy AB is a small Swedish family business with one great passion – it is of course candy. Their candy is manufactured in one of the most modern candy factories in Sweden with advanced and automated equipment. The factory is the only candy factory in the country with driverless trucks. The robots do the heavy work, while their skilled employees monitor the process carefully. The ingredients are selected from suppliers with proven high quality products. For them it is important to rationalise both production and logistic processes taking into account environmental issues. For several years, they have been environmentally certified by the municipality of Jönköping.


Their candy is delicious and they are also environmentally friendly – can it get any better? Probably not. Thank you, Bubs, for being our sponsor!



Today the team got together to weld, lathe, screw, programme and build on the solar car in different ways. It was not only the engineers who went to this Saturday workshop but people from the management side of the team showed some engineering skills too. Here are some photos from today’s workshop!




Here’s a photo from today (the second one has just been zoomed in). To the left you see Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola (JTH) – or School of Engineering as you say in English – and there’s where you find our studio and workshop. To the right you see the big billboard on which the JU Solar Team is, that Jönköping Energi has sponsored us with.


However, with these pictures we’d like to wish you a great weekend. In Stockholm, when we were there for the University Steel Prize 2017, we learnt that you don’t say “have a great weekend”. You can’t just have something – you have to make something! So, make yourself a great weekend!




Yesterday we had a box delivered to us from norelem. norelem offers components, component systems and other technology, and as you can see on the photos below we were so happy when we got these things. We’d like to thank norelem a thousand times!




This summer we’ve been at Marström in Västervik a couple of weeks, working on our carbon fiber body. They have helped us a lot and been very, very kind. Therefore, we think that it’s time to present this company a bit further. Here follows a presentation about our sponsor Marström!


Marstrom Composite AB is a contract manufacturer with in-house design and stress calculation resources. These serve you in the entire process, from concept through development and prototyping to series production, in both small and large series. Their autoclaves are big, up to 35 m length. Today’s development is largely about downsizing and streamlining energy consumption at every stage. Lightweight, strong, durable structures is their contribution to better energy management. High strength carbon fiber structures processed in autoclaves is their solution. They do also provide curing in oven and press.


What a company, huh?! Thank you so much, Marström, for being our sponsor!





We’d like to say thank you so much for giving us these, PrioPlastic!




Car, Sponsors


It’s time to talk a bit about Öhlins, one of our fantastic sponsors. First we’d like to give this company a big thanks – thank you! – and second we’s like to give you, as a reader, more information about them!


Öhlins’ engineering of electronically managed, semi-active shocks, has developed since the 1980’s at the development centre in Jönköping. Over the years, they have built an in-depth knowledge about valves, shocks, sensors, ECUs and software, knowledge that is absolutely necessary to be able to produce the world’s best semi-active shock system. This makes them to an attractive partner for vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers globally. Öhlins CES in Jönköping develops tomorrow’s valve engineering in association with global partners and university partners in Sweden.


Once again, thank you Öhlins for being our sponsor!




We’ve talked about Nevs before, but never given them a special blog post about who they really are. So, here it comes: a presentation about our dear sponsor Nevs!


Nevs was founded in 2012 with the determination to create change for those around us and for coming generations. Their vision of shaping mobility for a more sustainable future is their north star, guiding everything that they do. They do not believe that one needs to compromise quality, safety, performance or comfort to do good. By challenging conventions, they design premium electric vehicles and mobility experiences that are simple, engaging and distinctive, but that also shape a brighter, cleaner future for all. They aim to give people who are curious and passionate about the world a way to express themselves – and invite them to take part in shaping the future of mobility.


We think that you are great, Nevs. Thank you for being our sponsor!



2017 TEAMS

We know that you’re most interested in us, right? 😉 On this page you find information about us, the uniqueness about our car and what we look forward to in Australia, but on this page you find the entire list of the teams that will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017. Take a look at it!




You’ve seen us very close to this billboard before – on the billboard next to this one! However, this billboard is, just like the other one that Jönköping University owns, placed on the wall next to the Munksjö Bridge. Jönköping Energi is the company that is in charge of this billboard, and they’ve sponsored us with this very nice marketing spot. Thank you, JE!




If you scroll down on the blog you’ll find that we have presented some of our sponsors. You can find all of our sponsors on our webpage under the tab named ‘Partners’, but we think that the sponsors should have some time to shine in our blog as well! Here comes a presentation about Ansys, one of our awesome sponsors:


Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation. They help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, they help the customers solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination.


We like this company a lot. Thanks you so, so much for being our sponsors, Ansys!




So yesterday the big box was picked up, and by that it began its journey to Australia. Here are some photos on the box and the picking up.


At the same time as we work with this, we keep on building the car in different ways, plan the unveiling event AND work at our summer jobs. Nice, huh?!




THROWBACK TIME! Here’s a few pictures from the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015.



And now it’s only 100 days left until the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017!




We think that it’s time to present one of fantastic sponsors: Creo Dynamics! Here comes a presentation about the company:


Creo Dynamics is a small and agile engineering company with core competences in fluid mechanics, acoustics and structural dynamics. Their business strategy includes product innovation, consulting and research. They participate frequently in national and international research programs where focus often is on the development of new emerging technologies for the automotive or aerospace industry. Today, they are a sharp team of little over 20 specialist engineers.


Thank you for being our sponsor, Creo Dynamics!




Today our motor from Nomura arrived. We think that it looks very beautiful and it’ll make our solar car roll so smoothly on the Australian roads!




How was your Midsummer weekend? Very good we hope! We also hope that you enjoy this sunny Monday because you never know if it’ll rain tomorrow again.


And how are things in the JU Solar Team world? Thanks for asking! We’ll ship the big box from Nefab to Australia this week, so we put the last things in it and make it ready for takeoff. We’ve also done a lot of work on the carbon fiber, as you can see on the last picture. Things are rolling and we’ll keep you updated cause we like to keep ourselves busy also during the summer!




We have another sponsor to be grateful about: Ahlsell! Here’s a presentation about the company.


Ahlsell creates effective trading in installation products, tools and supplies for professional users. Ahlsell aims to be its customers and suppliers instinctive choice for purchasing and distribution of installation products, tools and supplies. The Group also seeks to have the most satisfied customers in the sector, the highest employee commitment, and to create sustainable and profitable growth.


Thank you Ahlsell for being our sponsor – we think that you’re amazing! Here comes three pictures on the sponsored things.






Happy Swedish Midsummer!