We’re going to race a continent with a solar car, designed and built by the JU Solar Team, and compete with the world.

The car

We have chosen to build our chassis using optimized steel. Our 2015 all carbon fibre Solbritt weighed 230 kilos and our calculations are suggesting this year’s Solveig will be much lighter. Our next generation battery cells have a 30% higher energy density than Solbritt’s generation. We are excited to be able to store so much extra power!

The team

The JU Solar Team consists of 25 students. As we come from different JU (Jönköping University) schools we create a diversity of skillsets and we have diffrent tasks to do. We are divided into two teams: Team Engineering and Team Management. The students in Team Engineering do the hands-on job and design and build the solar car. They are grouped into the Mechanica Team and the Electronic Team. Team Management simplifies the work for the engineers by working with sponsorships, logistics, economics, events, social media, communication and graphic design.

Anders Angrén

Engineering Team

"The best thing is that all the people in the team are dedicated and that makes it very exciting to work, where every day is filled with new ideas."

Annie Ekblom

Graphic design team

"The best thing in JUST is to working with so many ambitious awesome people"

Arvid Ek

Management Team

"The best thing with being on the JU Solar Team is the innovative environment with driven talented people, all having ambitious goals."

Björn Haugum

Engineering Team

"The best thing about JUST is the large amount of passion and commitment everyone is showing. I look forward to try the car in the special case circumstances prevailing in Australia"

Ellinor Lindahl

Graphic design team

"The best thing about JUST is to be creative and be a part of such an ambitious and amazing team that makes a difference"

Erik Eliasson

Electronic Team

"The best part about the team is all the new things we learn and the race in Australia will be an exciting challenge that will be both difficult and fun."

Florian Hild

Graphic design team

"To work with a young, creative, determined, fun and especially hardworking team, inspires and motivates me to give my best for the JUST."

Hanna Steinum

Management Team Leader

"I look forward to show the world what we got. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. Also to meet the other teams will be fun!"

Jacob Aho

Mechanical Team

"What I am looking forward to the most is to drive the car across Australia and to feel the adrenaline during the race!"

Jari Oikarinen

Mechanical Team

"What I look forward to the most in Australia is to compete with the top ten teams."

Johan Svensson

Mechanical Team

"We will show the world what a bunch of students from Jönkoping University really going for."

John Ingold Jr

Management Team Leader

"My favorite part of being on the JU Solar Team is seeing the growth and development of our team members."

Julia Gunnarson

Electronic Team

"I am looking forward the most to see the our team develop together by working under preassure and having the best time of our life!"

Kim Jansson

Electronic Team


Lukas Flodmark

Electronic Team

"I am very psyched to compete in Australia!"

Marcus Gazal

Engineering Team

"In Australia I am looking forward to look up in the sky at night and see all the stars."

Matilda Ekman

Management team

"The best thing with JUST is that together with ambitious people I can take theory into practise. In Australia I'm most looking forward to race the others teams, have tasty bbq and a nice tan!

Matilda Törnquist

Communication Team

"The whole project is very cool - we are going to compete with a solar car that we have built ourselves in the world's biggest solar-powered car race."

Philip Björefeldt

Marketing Responsible

"The team members are great on so many different things so to have the possibility to exchange ideas with a group of enthusiastic individuals is the largest motivational factor."

Pontus Rådberg

Management team

"The best part of being a part of JUST is the passion all the team members show, whether it is assembling the the car, writing on the blog or conducting a marketing campaign"

Ramsen Nissan

Electronic Team Leader

"The best thing about JU Solar Team is to build a car with awesome people and learn new things every day. And I am also looking forward for the race against top universities"

Robin Birberg

Electronic Team


Salle Valizoda

Mechanical Team

"The most exciting about the race in Australia is seeing our creation, that the whole team has been working on for a year, reaching the goal of driving 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide"

Victoria Andersson

Mechanical Team Leader

"The best part about JUST is the new experiences and working together in a team towards the same goal."

The race

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s biggest solar-powered car race. It started in 1987 and happened every third year until 1999, but from 2001 the race has taken place every second year. In the competition, teams from all over the world are going to drive 3022 kilometers from the north to the south of Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide. There are three different classes: challenger class, cruiser class and adventure class. The challenger class is the most advanced with aerodynamic master pieces – the JU Solar Team will of course join this one! For more information about the race, visit

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